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PMP Training and Education


To help gain brand awareness at the inception of the company, we were tasked to create a unique brand which would stand out from the standard ads found in their industry publications.

The focus of the brand direction was to create a visual connection with the company’s marketing and the training book Andy Crowe, the CEO and founder of Velociteach, had written for PMP exam preparation. This book had been widely considered the go-to resource for exam preparation. Both the ads and the book cover used orange and blue as a primary palette and this combination was used throughout all marketing materials we produced. The large fields of color and simplistic layouts also made the ads easily recognizable and memorable.

In addition to creating visual brand recognition, the messaging and imagery within the ads created an awareness that the industry standard of how to prepare for the PMP exam needed to be revisited. This directly supported Velociteach’s unique approach to education and their ability to help Project Managers pass the exam.