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Working with The Visualab team is an easy choice. They come to the table with creative and engaging ideas that surpass our expectations and highlight our objectives in ways we never imagined. They took our message and transformed it into something that is eye catching and refreshing while staying true to our brand.
- Sydney Flaig - Marketing Director

Doctor's Allergy Formula

Ocular Allergy Testing


Red Wizard Group, the parent company of Doctor’s Allergy Formula, came to us with a need to help increase sales.

As they had identified a potential weakness in the presentation of their materials, we were initially requested to help spruce up their printed sales collateral.

After a deeper dive and discussing the details of their need, we recommended an alternate solution which would help control the presentation of the materials and hopefully make the delivery of the messaging more receptive.

As a Doctor’s time is incredibly limited, and they are often asked to read brochures and one sheets, we proposed a short digital video driven by simple graphics with an accompanying voice-over to walk the Doctors through our presentation without asking them to “read” anything. Also having a digital piece allowed the internal sales team to distribute links to their prospects without needing to meet face-to-face. These links also addressed an additional pain of how the Doctors were able to communicate the opportunity with their partners. By simply forwarding the link their partners were able to learn about our product with the assurance the details were be communicated clearly.

Once this initial piece was completed, we then updated their trade show graphics and created a printed leave-behind to support the new brand direction and create better retention amongst their prospects.


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