Our Work

The Visualab has been beyond superb over all the years of our working together. They have been very creative, imaginative, and a great value for us! They care about the details, are always punctual and on budget.
- Dick Bare, Owner

the client: Arbor-Nomics Turf, Inc.

An Atlanta focused lawn, tree and shrub care company

the challenge

Strategically, Arbor-Nomics Turf was battling an uphill challenge to separate themselves from the national companies with larger marketing budgets. Visually, our challenge was to make their brand stand out from the common-place noise of competitors’ marketing but also define and support how their services are unique and superior.

the process

Through Superus Marketing’s research it was discovered that Arbor-Nomics’ best clients were “switchers”. These were individuals who didn’t need to be sold on the idea of using lawn care service, but were more concerned about the level of knowledge and professionalism which their lawn care company provided. This positioning allowed us to develop a visual brand which focused on this quality rather than the traditional imagery of a happy family lounging in their green yards.

the solution

We rebranded their company by focusing on the strength of their technicians and created a visual icon which represented healthy, attractive lawns — the yard gnome. Featuring the skill and tenure of their technicians, combined with the voice of the yard gnome who is very selective about only living in the healthiest yards, we created a memorable brand that is easy to recall when customers decided to look into a new lawn care company.

the result

Now known as “the gnome company,” Arbor-Nomics has experienced 5-12% growth each year for the past 5 years despite a rather slow economy. The gnome has become consistent element on all of their marketing materials and represents a memorable, friendly icon that allows Arbor-Nomics Turf to stand out from their competition.