The Visualab Year in Review

liz January 13, 2016
Holiday Sweater

Each Fall, we begin brainstorming for our annual holiday card we send out to friends, family and clients. Our card for 2015 was our most ambitious idea yet, and we’re very excited and pleased with how it turned out.


For the past few years our holiday cards have included infographics highlighting fun facts, events and numbers from the past year. Rather than a standard card format, for 2015 we came up with an activity booklet which took the infographic concept a step further by adding activities and puzzles inspired by children’s activity books. The end result included two pages of infographics, four puzzles and games, and one coloring contest! Our hope is that friends and clients enjoyed the fun facts, activities, and maybe even learned something new about the branding team over at The Visualab! Below are a few snippets and pages from the booklet.





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