The One Thing to Know About Increasing your SEO

andy July 2, 2015

The first and foremost thing to know to know about increasing your SEO is that there is no “one way” to improve your site’s ranking. Sorry.

And, once everyone thinks they’ve figured it out, Google will likely have changed the way they evaluate Web sites, and that will send SEO strategists scrambling to maintain their client’s page rank.

Google’s business strategy is solely based on being able to provide you the information you’re looking for when you “Google it”. The more you use their search engine, the more Google can charge for advertising. So, while every programmer out there is trying to figure out a way to cheat the system, Google is constantly re-evaluating the way in which they monitor Web sites and the quality of it’s search results to ensure online surfers won’t switch to another search engine. Through their unique algorithms and special sauce, Google can successfully identify when someone locates the item for which they are searching. The Google search engine then becomes much more efficient the next time someone else comes online searching those same keyword combinations.

Google really doesn’t care all that much what you have to say about your business. They’re much more interested to know what your customers have to say. Subsequently, they’ve begun paying much more attention to online discussions and monitoring where the most activity is happening on the internet. Real-time conversations for the most current and accurate content. Your site can be loaded with metatags, keywords and backlinks, but if people aren’t finding what they’re looking for or your content is outdated, you’ll be fighting an uphill battle to gain any page rank in the future.

There are two main ways to gain page rank: paid and organic. Obviously, the latter of the two is much more appealing as it’s free (assuming you do it yourself), but this is the slowest option and requires a long-term strategy and administration. It’s nearly impossible to gain page rank organically by just being on the Web.

If you have the budget, PPC (Pay-per-click) is a great solution for immediately increasing your traffic, and we often recommend this approach as a temporary solution for our clients while we work with our valued vendors on their SEO (search engine optimization) to gain organic growth opportunities. Just know there are many philosophies and avenues available. If you’re tackling SEO on your own, we HIGHLY recommend speaking with at least 3 specialists before committing to a plan. It’s likely that you’ll get 3 very different recommendations, but the education you’ll receive during this process will allow you to make a very sound decision.

Just like PPC, there are many strategies to gaining organic page rank. Simply put, you should be online acting as a leader within your industry with relevant and timely content. As mentioned before, you’ll hear all kinds of strategies involving metatags, keywords, backlinks and blogs. Utilizing these tactics will get you off to a great start, but they will never replace good, old-fashioned, relevant content. And, if people start finding what they’re looking for on your site and share that with their friends and peers, you’re setting yourself up for success.

Remember, you can’t sit back and wait for people to find you. You must be out there, actively involved in your digital universe, putting yourself in front of prospective customers in the most possible ways.

Now, once you’ve got a strategy in place, there are probably a few of your competitors using similar strategies and looking to jump your page rank in any way they can. This is where we can help. Two sites can have nearly the same content and information, offer similar products and services, but the site with easily found information and offering a better user experience will likely place higher in search engine results.

Once the dust settles from all the PPC, SEO, Meta-craziness, it will all come down to your brand promise and your site’s user experience. It’s the easiest and strongest way to help yourself stand above your competitors.

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