“Exactly what is a brand?” – Defined in one paragraph.

The core or purpose of your brand is to make a promise to your prospects about how you will address their needs better than your competition. Some call this your brand positioning, brand promise or unique selling proposition. It is supported by branding elements (logo, fonts, color palette, tagline and tone of your messaging) which set up expectations of how this will be done.

These branding guidelines are then used to create all of your printed and digital materials. While these materials vary by situation, in nearly every case this includes a website, social pages (Facebook/LinkedIn), an identity kit (business card, letterhead, etc.) and your email signature.

We consider these to be level one of your brand presencewhat people are exposed to when they seek you out or are introduced to you. Level two would include items such as advertising, blogs, white papers, email marketing, direct mailers and any efforts pushing your voice out to your prospects. All of these combined, and the consistency between them, make up your brand.

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