Victoria García

Art Director & Designer

A lifelong creative, Victoria decided after focusing on fine arts that Graphic Design would be her career path. Upon graduation from the Art Institute of Atlanta, she worked for an international retail company and from there entered the agency world. In addition to working at The Visualab, she enjoys taking on freelance projects and partnering with non-profits for art and design work.

  • On weekends you can usually find me:

    Hanging out with my boyfriend and family, taking my dogs to the park, attending local festivals/events
  • I hate to admit it, but my guilty pleasure is:

    Jersey Shore and other terrible (awesome) TV shows
  • If I was a super-hero, my power would be:

    Knowing how to speak every language
  • Three things always found in my refrigerator:

    Eggs, tortillas, kimchi
  • My biggest pet-peeve:

    Leaving all of the cabinets open a la Sixth Sense
  • Favorite Movie

  • If they did a movie about your life, the actor that would play me is:

    Aubrey Plaza
  • If I was a Crayola crayon, my color would be:

  • One thing on my bucket list is to:

    Pan-American Highway roadtrip