Susanna Roesel

Director of Brand Strategy

Susanna was doing design and strategy years before she even knew it had a name. It all started with a copy machine in her mom’s home office, some scotch tape and a wicked imagination. Since 1999, she’s been using her award-winning skills in corporate identity, print and web design, creative consulting, branding and strategy on a full-time agency and freelance basis for a wide range of clients. Her specialties include one-liners, concept development and (attempting to) manage the elusive balance of the work/life rhythm.

  • On weekends you can usually find me:

    Attending birthday parties. We go to A LOT of birthday parties.
  • I hate to admit it, but my guilty pleasure is:

    90's Hip Hop (no shame is involved)
  • Favorite Movie:

    Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory (1971)
  • If I was a super-hero, my power would be:

    O-C-Diva: The ability to magically add bullet points to all email correspondence. Or flying. Flying would be fun.
  • Three things always found in my refrigerator:

    milk, yogurt, wine​
  • My biggest pet-peeve(s):

    excuses, weak handshakes, fluorescent lighting
  • The movie I'm ashamed to admit I really enjoy:

    Total Recall
  • If I was a Crayola crayon, my color would be:

    Metallic Seaweed
  • One thing on my bucket list is to:

    See a real volcano