Dawn Gahan

Traffic Manager

After putting her art history degree to use working at The Baltimore Museum of Art, Dawn took at job at a fledgling Charm City ad agency, wearing three hats she’d never worn before: traffic manager, office manager, and print production manager. Having grown up with an Art Director father, the transition into the agency industry was seamless, but the roles and responsibilities were quite the challenge. The president of the agency, himself a dreamer and go-getter, believed Dawn could do whatever she put her mind to, and so, she believed it too… and she found her happy place, especially wearing that jaunty traffic hat. More than 30 years later, she’s proud to have worked at and consulted with agencies from Orange County to Chicago, finally landing in Atlanta. Dawn lives in a wanna-be English Country Cottage — lovingly referred to by friends and family as Chateau Gahan — with her Old English Sheepdog, Gideon, and has a married daughter living in Nashville.

  • On weekends you can usually find me:

    In my swoon-worthy craft room or in front of a painting easel
  • I hate to admit it, but my guilty pleasure is:

    Listening to Flo Rida and Tony Danza (the actor who sings)
  • If I was a super-hero, my power would be:

    Sleeping through the night
  • Three things always found in my refrigerator:

    Cranberry juice, cheese, and eggs
  • My biggest pet-peeve:

    When people commit to a time, and are always late
  • Favorite Movie

  • If they did a movie about your life, the actor that would play me is:

    Meryl Streep
  • If I was a Crayola crayon, my color would be:

    Any pink one
  • One thing on my bucket list is to:

    Have a gallery show