Andy Suggs

CEO + Brand Strategist

Born and raised in Atlanta, Andy started solving visual problems by helping the Roswell Hornet Varsity cheerleaders come up with themes and designs for the large football run-through banners. Andy graduated from UGA in 1997 and became partner at The Visualab in 2004. His goal is to foster an environment of visual problem-solvers, not order takers, where clients and creative have clear lines of communication. Andy lives in Roswell with his wife, son, step-daughter, three dogs and his cockatiel, Hemingway.

  • On weekends you can usually find me:

    Heavily immersed into whatever the passion of the day is for my son… usually fishing, playing basketball, football or the Nintendo Wii.
  • I hate to admit it, but my guilty pleasure is:

    Watching videos of people getting scared.
  • Favorite Movie:

    Toy Story - C'mon, the kid's name was even "Andy".
  • If I was a super-hero, my power would be:

    The ability to make everything super symmetrical and balanced. But, if I could choose the power, it would be the ability to fly so I could avoid the 45-minute commute back home.
  • Three things always found in my refrigerator:

    Egg whites, club soda, spicy mustard.
  • My biggest pet-peeve:

    People who leave their shopping carts out in the parking lot.
  • The movie I'm ashamed to admit I really enjoy:

    Can't Hardly Wait
  • If they did a movie about your life, the actor that would play me is:

    Jason Bateman
  • If I was a Crayola crayon, my color would be:

    Wild Blue Yonder
  • One thing on my bucket list is to:

    See Big Head Todd & the Monsters at Red Rock.