Avoiding a Cake Disaster

Sep 1 2016 - liz
It’s 2007 and my sister is graduating from college. Tasked with bringing the cake for her graduation party, I called a local grocery store, spoke...

Defining Your Brand: Starting the Conversation

Jul 9 2016 - andy
It’s easy for many of us to point to what we feel are great brands – Apple, Disney, Chick-fil-A, etc. We innately conjure up certain images and...
online printing vs local printing

Online Printing vs Local Printing

Oct 6 2015 - liz
Finding the best printer for a project is often an overlooked task, but it can be just as important as the design. Over the past several years,...
Oops! There it is.

The Implications & Opportunities of Screwing Up

Aug 18 2015 - susanna
SORRY. It's hard to say. It's particularly difficult to admit when you've made a mistake in the business world. You're supposed to know your stuff,...

Vector vs. Pixels: Logo Showdown (and why it matters)

Dec 21 2014 - susanna
When managing a client’s brand, we strive to create the most professionally executed pieces possible.  We are often asked to include partner logos...