Recent Work Wednesday: Emory Healthy Aging Study Kiosk Design

Emory Healthy Aging Study Kiosk

For our #RecentWorkWednesday we’re featuring the kiosk design just completed as part of the Emory Healthy Aging Study‘s recruitment efforts.

Have you ever been asked to change the world for the better?

If you had the opportunity to, would you?

The Emory Healthy Aging Study is the largest clinical research study targeting Atlanta ever conducted at Emory University. It is a game changing effort to further scientific understanding of how we age, and to learn more about diseases that occur more commonly in later years. The Study hopes to build an extremely large database by recruiting a large number of participants to take part in the study over a long period of time. Participation is critical.

The Visualab was tasked  to design the aesthetics of the kiosk exterior as well as the user interface, keeping in line with the branding we initially created for The Study.

The purpose of the kiosks is to help encourage staff, patients and visitors to the Emory University, Emory University Hospital and Emory Healthcare locations to participate in the study. It is designed to show a brief 1-minute video, offer a short description about the study, allow viewers to sign up  for more information and, most importantly, how to join.

 Initially, 10–15 kiosk units will launch with the goal of several hundred positioned throughout the entire Emory footprint of Metro Atlanta in the coming years.
This project was done in conjunction with Vert who programmed the applications and brought our user interface to life.

Want to learn more and how you can make the world better?

Participation is easy and requires minimal effort but provides maximum benefits for future generations.



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