Print Design

While your first point of contact may be through your website or some digital representation of your brand, your next touch point will likely be a printed piece. And if your business centers around face-to-face meetings, you can not replace the value of a quality business card design.

Our ability to work in all mediums allows us the ability to ensure your messaging is consistent and that your printed materials accurately support your positioning. We commonly execute identity kits, direct mailers, sales brochures, booth designs,  annual reports, advertising campaigns and more.

While messaging is key, this goes beyond the copy as the customer experiences your brand in the totality of the printed piece. Paper selections, unique finishing options, easy-to-read designs, unique sizes and adhering to your brand guidelines will help your materials not only stand out, but help carve out a unique niche which only you can own.

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I have been working closely with The Visualab since its inception. Never in my 25-year career have I worked with a more constructive, collaborative and engaging group of professionals. The work we have created together has elevated The Visualab’s clients’ brands and remains some of the work for which I am most proud.

  • Dan Balser
    The Creative Circus