How important is audio on Facebook videos?

andy October 4, 2017
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Based on a 2017 study, about 90% of all Facebook videos are viewed without sound.

What does this mean to you?
With any marketing touch point, you need to consider how your audience will digest your messaging. This obviously starts with knowing your audience. If you are active socially and you utilize video on Facebook to engage with your audience, you may strongly consider creating videos that don’t require sound to achieve their goal or incorporate subtitles.

Apple is on to this, and based on some recent news their future iPhones will automatically add subtitles as you record. There are also many third-party apps and if you are having your videos professionally created, be sure to include this as a deliverable by the production studio. It should not cost much, if anything at all, and will make a world of difference.

How will this help support my brand?
Subtitles will allow you to obviously connect with your audience and ensure they are truly understanding what you want to communicate. But also consider keeping the script, fonts and colors true to your brand… don’t just use the default settings or let your vendor make those choices. A video created to express an aura of professionalism, sophistication and elegance should have their subtitles treated differently than a video that is purely meant to entertain.

Do you need help?
We love creating live action videos, explainer videos and animated videos for our clients. Most of their needs we can produce in-house, but where required we have a network of very talented specialists we can bring in as needed.

Or, if you need any help further defining your audience, we’d be happy to help. We help define all of our client’s key personas before we put pen to paper with any creative efforts.

Please email us to learn more.


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