Everybody. Hates. Traffic. Well except for me…

Coming from a small town to the big city of Atlanta, traffic is just one of those things that’s hard to get used to. Atlanta traffic can sometimes be smooth sailing and other times a living nightmare (more often than not).

I’ll never forget Snowmageddon 2014 when the entire city shut down. I was heading downtown to pick my son up from daycare after getting off work around noon. I was thinking to myself, this is smooth sailing because a dusting of snow was only on the roads at the time. While returning home to Marietta from downtown, I saw on the traffic screen that it would take me 60-85 minutes to get home from what would normally be a 15 minute commute. I kept thinking this cannot be right. As I continued on I-75N, soon I realized I was a part of a terrible nightmare. It took me over six hours to get home that night when on an average day it would have taken maybe 30 minutes. Long story short, I hiked four miles home in the freezing ice with a two-year-old toddler in tow. Not fun at all, but definitely an experience I’ll never forget!

You may ask, what does this have to do with anything? I say poor planning caused this terrible nightmare for not just me, but thousands of people who live here in Atlanta.

The same lack of planning that caused our city to shut down for three days can also cause a small business to shut down permanently. Someone once said, “success doesn’t just happen, it’s planned for” and here at The Visualab that’s my role as the traffic manager. My job is to plan ahead so that a “snowmaggeddon” is prevented.

When asked what I do for a living, it’s sometimes hard to explain. It’s kind of like overseeing and maintaining Spaghetti Junction on I-285. Sometimes it looks like a jumbled mess but when properly maintained it’s a beautifully orchestrated flow of traffic.

I prevent gridlock within projects by ensuring there is little congestion and accelerated movement by confirming that schedules are tight.

I foresee weather conditions by making sure that during a downpour of projects, we are well equipped to stay dry using our online management tool.

I act as a GPS at times tracking costs, time and progress on each project to make sure we don’t go over budget.

In a nutshell, I regulate the flow of projects throughout the company by preventing traffic jams, accidents and speeding tickets by properly managing schedules, using our online management tool and by ensuring that everyone follows our superhighway process toward success!

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