Don’t Rebrand. Review First.

andy November 29, 2016

A complete rebrand, if done correctly, can be expensive. And unfortunately it’s becoming the default solution to lagging sales or growth. Before you engage with a firm to go through this process ask yourself the following questions. The answers may save you a LOT of money when all you need is a slight tweak or update to your current efforts.


How clear is your positioning?

This is a biggie. First of all, do you know what your positioning is? If not, that’s step one. If you do, ask the following:

  • Is this consistent with why your customers are choosing you? Are you trying to be something you’re not?
  • Is your messaging feature or price driven? This is NOT a positioning. People connect with brands on an emotional level. You have to address their need or pain. Prices and features can change. Quickly.
  • Are you using the right voice? Are you talking in their words? Companies commonly build their messaging as if they are talking to their co-workers or peers. They are NOT your customer.


How consistent is your messaging?

Scattered messaging raises red flags to your customers. If you can’t clearly articulate why they should choose you, how can you expect them to figure that out? We’d recommend the following:

  • Think of the top 3 ways your customers engage with your brand. Review their messaging. Is this speaking from the same voice?
  • Remember to evaluate the messaging from your customer’s viewpoint. Assume you know nothing about your company.
  • Do your social efforts support your positioning or are they just creating white noise? Are your followers actually engaging with these communications?
  • Does your sales team understand your brand? Remember, they are the walking representation of your brand. Are they all on the same page?


What does the outside world think about you?

  • Are referrals a common source for new business? If so, are your customers telling their network of peers what you want them to know? Are you finding you’re not getting the kind of clients you really want? Then they likely value you for a reason different than how you’d prefer they see you.
  • Do they even know you exist? Is your website getting the traffic it should? Why rebrand yourself if the issue is more that you’re just not being found? Sorry, this isn’t The Field of Dreams. Just because you build it doesn’t mean they will come.
  • Remember, perception is reality. No matter how great you are, if your messaging is not reaching your audience, your brand is ONLY what they think of you.


In the end, a brand has many components to it and they all need to be working harmoniously for you to get the most out of it. Ensuring this consistency is what drives us every day. If you feel any of the above questions may be of concern, then addressing that weak link is the first step in achieving success.


Still a little unclear on what makes up your brand? You may want to read this blog which breaks down what we think a brand is in one paragraph.

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