Digital Design

We all know your online and digital presence is key. Your website is your digital salesperson. It is a new business tool and should be treated as such. And because of this, your website is likely the one marketing piece which needs to most precisely aligned with your brand direction.

Fonts, colors, styling of photography, ease of navigation and the voice of the messaging all set up an expectation of what your company will deliver. And as your website tees this up, your entire digital footprint must follow in line. This includes your downloadable forms, your e-newsletters, your blogs, appropriate social sites (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.), and even your email signature. Inconsistencies in any of these send subconscious red flags to your prospects.

Your digital brand must be fluid, communicate to your audience that you are truly engaged in your industry, be reactive to emerging trends and industry news, but also communicate to your audience in their voice. This is key as many businesses fail by communicating online as if they are talking to themselves or their peers, rather than addressing their customers’ needs or speaking in a language they can relate.

Your customers are becoming more savvy and they will shop you against your competition. If your total digital brand presence is not aligned, it sends a scattered and confusing message to your prospect.

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Although small details are important in design, this team also keeps the big picture in mind, knowing that eventually a brand will grow and a market will evolve.

  • Lisa Sperling
    PR Consultant