We’re hiring!

Dec 18 2017 - andy
The Visualab is seeking a designer to work with our creative team developing concepts, layouts and imagery for a variety of projects and clients,...

Question: How many videos are watched on Snapchat everyday?

Oct 10 2017 - andy
Fact: 10 billion videos , yes with a "B", are watched on Snapchat every day. What does this mean to you? Are you missing out on an opportunity...

How important is audio on Facebook videos?

Oct 4 2017 - andy
Fact: Based on a 2017 study, about 90% of all Facebook videos are viewed without sound. What does this mean to you? With any marketing touch...
Emory Healthy Aging Study Kiosk

Recent Work Wednesday: Emory Healthy Aging Study Kiosk Design

Feb 3 2016 - susanna
For our #RecentWorkWednesday we're featuring the kiosk design just completed as part of the Emory Healthy Aging Study's recruitment efforts. Have...
EcoVest Rebranding Atlanta

Recent Work Wednesday: EcoVest Capital Rebrand

Jan 27 2016 - susanna
For our #RecentWorkWednesday please check out the total rebrand we are currently working on for EcoVest Capital. They have shifted from a previous...
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