Emory Healthy Aging Study Kiosk

Recent Work Wednesday: Emory Healthy Aging Study Kiosk Design

Feb 3 2016 - susanna
For our #RecentWorkWednesday we're featuring the kiosk design just completed as part of the Emory Healthy Aging Study's recruitment efforts. Have...
EcoVest Rebranding Atlanta

Recent Work Wednesday: EcoVest Capital Rebrand

Jan 27 2016 - susanna
For our #RecentWorkWednesday please check out the total rebrand we are currently working on for EcoVest Capital. They have shifted from a previous...
ALS Georgia Annual Report Design

Recent Work Wednesday: ALS Association Georgia Chapter

Jan 20 2016 - susanna
For our #RecentWorkWednesday we are sharing the redesign of the ALS Association Georgia Chapter 2014-2015 annual report. It was a privilege to work...
A Brush with Giving Back: Homestretch

The Visualab Lends a Hand to Homestretch

Oct 14 2015 - susanna
Last week, we were privileged to donate our time and effort to Homestretch in Roswell, GA—an organization we truly believe in. In just one...
Oops! There it is.

The Implications & Opportunities of Screwing Up

Aug 18 2015 - susanna
SORRY. It's hard to say. It's particularly difficult to admit when you've made a mistake in the business world. You're supposed to know your stuff,...
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